Hi, I’m humanly multitasking

Creating visual content for digital and printing spin-offs
Defining iconic language through vector design
Multi-language text: formal, informal, legal and technical

Fly a kite!
Contemporary status quo

After a couple of joint ventures, as hat-trick concept design studio and aspas&temas, I decided to go solo and work as a freelancer in what I love: communicating!
It allowed me to follow up with clients for more than 10 years and their company goals, being part of several campaigns as a member of the crew, with some Call the shots and There is no I in We processing.
One of my favourite project came to life, a very intimate source and wholeheartedly dedicated to this fantastic euro-region Galicia-Northern Portugal, where I perform cultural landscape touring – Tour Wanderlust.
A special shout-out for Anna Altshul and her passion for our region, that led to one of the best campsites of Europe, Lima Escape, where I am a proud collaborator for jeep tours through our Peneda-Gerês National Park and the Galician Baixa Límia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park.
Translation has always be one of my preferred means of communicating and I manage to have some healthy agreements that work out quite nice, where I want to pinpoint this team at NQDA, whose projects are always both challenging as creatively appealing – view the last project I have the privilege to be part of about the Camino de Santiago.
Kudos here for somebody that has been leading the way for me in techs and internet, besides cracking jokes and developing concepts, Hugo Gameiro and his hosting solutions
If you are still wondering where this Fly a kite comes from, all I have to say is: Saturday afternoon for kids!

The Millennial Professional Training Years

I adored working with adults and, in the beginning, it was a huge lesson for me and a daily challenge how to motivate them to learn English when the reason why they were in my classroom was a mixture of had to and don’t want the other option. It was fifteen years of getting in touch with my region and its people in all ages, from young adults, single parents and grandparents. It allowed me to find out more about how politics are played and why the system is so hard to change. I only regret that it took me a couple of years too long to quit when it really became contranatura for me, but never because of the people.

College Years
Grungy 90’s

I started as a freshman at the UTAD in Vila Real and I remain faithful to the cold Trás-os-Montes, where people are as genuine as one can be: either they like you or not – luckily, I fell in the first slot and I grunged through my naturalist years while starting my apprenticeship to become an English and German Language teacher, graduating later at the University of Minho, Braga.
I always wanted to be a teacher and I still love it and find it the most noble art of arts, but it was a friendly divorce – I don’t want to be part of what the system is doing to our pupils or sacrificing my parenthood years in order to keep an underpaid teaching position far from home, so I left and roamed freely with time to see my kids growing up and being there for them – best decision ever!

80’s Teenager in a booming village
Ponte da Barca

I lived the hype of the 80’s in my small hometown called Ponte da Barca but where we had it all, mainly in the summertime. I played football with a couple of nice memories I cherish and with folks we are still friends today; being champs in a row is definitely not for all, considering our team was always looked at as the underdog – well, we won it all the way and had a hell of a ride in the Nationals. But the best was definitely the multicultural and borderless 3 months of summer, between the river and the discos with people from all over the world. Dandy United!

Bocholt, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Bocholt in Nordrhein-Westfalen, “die größte Kleinstadt der Welt”, was home to my childhood and first teenage years – a great time to be in this place for a kid: we only had school in the morning and I grew up with the option of being a kid exploring the outer world, running on the football pitch or to my school library on rainy afternoons. It is a big part of my being of which I am very fond of and I miss my first good friends – luckily, I managed to reboot contact with some of those friends through social networks and we are having fantastic catching up feasts. Kudos @ Internet!

Growing, growing, growing…
Nogueira, Ponte da Barca 1971

Sunny 28th of March 1971, the year the world lost 3 great J: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, José came to life in the Alto Minho region in Northern Portugal.

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